Evans, Karin (2000) The Lost Daughters of China
Gray, Deborah (2002) Attaching in Adoption
Gray, Purvis (2007) Nurturing Adoptions Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma
Jonshon, Patricia Irwin Adoption is a Family Affair: What Relatives and Friends Must Know
Lifton, Betty Jean (1994) Journey of the Adopted Self
Maguire Pavao, Joyce (1998)  The Family of Adoption
Melina, Lois (1998) Raising Adopted Children
McCreight, Brenda (2002) Parenting Your Adopted Older Child
Purvis, Karyn and David Cross The Connected Child
Purvis, Karyn, Cross, David R. and Sunshine Lyson, Wendy (2007) The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family
Steinberg, Gail Inside Transracial Adoption
Stergianis, Stofie and Rita McDowall (2006) What is Adoption? Helping non-adopted children understand adoption
Van Gulden, Holly and Bartels-Rabb (1997) Real Parents, Real Children
Watkins & FIsher Talking with Young Children about Adoption

Children's Books
Cole, Joanna How I Was Adopted
Curtis, Jamie Lee Tell Me Again
Girard, Linda Walvoord (1986) Adoption is For Always
Girard, Linda Walvoord (1989) We Adopted You, Benjamin KooKasza, Keiko - A Mother for Choco
Lewis, Rose I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
Middleton, Charlotte Do You Still Love Me?
Peacock, Karen Mommy Near, Mommy Far
Petertyl, Mary Real Sisters
Sanford, Doris (1989)  Brian was Adopted
Stimson, Joan Big panda, little panda
Stinson, Kathy Steven's Baseball Mitt
Turner, Ann (1992) Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies

Books to read with your children with an attachment base
Gliori, Debi (1999) No Matter What
McCourt, Lisa (2001) I Love You, Stinky Face
Modesitt, Jeanne (1993) Mama, If You Had a Wish
Munsch, Robert (1995) Love You Forever
Penn, Audrey (1993) The Kissing Hand

How to Adopt in Ontario

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