This is a private practice. Fees for professional services are on a fee-for-service basis. An itemized fee schedule is available on request.

All fees have HST added to them.

All payments are due at the time of the counselling session.

Agencies will be sent an invoice and expected to pay for services in a timely manner.

Adoption fees: Half of the fee for homestudies and updates is due at the first meeting, half is due at the last meeting and the disbursements will be billed when the process is complete.

All prospective adoptive clients come for an initial appointment to discuss adoption and their prospective plans for adoption. There will be a consultation fee for this service. If the adoptive clients decide to proceed with an adoption homestudy, this consultation fee will be deducted from the total homestudy fee if the family or individual decides to proceed.

How Long Will the Therapy Take?

While it is difficult to predict the duration of therapy, an assessment period of 6-8 sessions is usually indicated in order to begin to understand the nature of a problem and assess if therapy can be useful. This time can also be used by you to determine if you have a good "fit" with your therapist.

If you are requesting Dyadic Therapy (therapy with an adult or adults and a child), there are usually two or three sessions with the adult or adults to discuss the history and prepare for therapy with the child.

If you are requesting, Theraplay, there is an initial session with the adults to discuss history and to discuss the Theraplay treatment. There will be one session to do the MIM (Marshak Interaction Method which is the Theraplay assessment) and another session for the feedback of the MIM. Theraplay will then commence and will be anywhere from 6 - 12 sessions. Another MIM is preferable at the end of the Theraplay to assess progress.  Sometimes an MIM is not done, depending on the situation.

Fees for Missed Appointments or Appointments Cancelled Without Sufficient Notice

Missed appointments or appointments cancelled without sufficient notice have the potential to be troublesome and to challenge the therapeutic relationship. To protect that relationship, our policy concerning missed appointments is adhered to without exception. All appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24-hours' notice and regardless of the reason, whether it be illness, emergency or inclement weather will be billed at the full fee rate.

An appointment booked is time reserved for your exclusive use. It remains your financial responsibility unless you release it for use by someone else by providing at least 24-hours' notice of cancellation, which allows our agency, to offer the time to another client. Occasionally, a client thinks an exception should be made; but an appointment is time purchased and reserved for you just as though you had purchased and reserved a ticket for an event, which would have to be paid for even if at the last minute you could not attend.

Appointments may be cancelled by fax, email or by speaking to someone at the office. It is important that if you leave a voicemail cancellation, you ensure that you receive confirmation from someone at Sandra Webb Counselling to guarantee the cancellation is in effect. Monday appointments must be cancelled no later than noon Friday.

Receipts and invoices for missed appointments say "Missed Appointment". To do otherwise may defraud insurers or the agency being billed for the appointment.